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Grow Your Business Using Paid Ads

Affordable Digital Marketing Services for Trades, eCommerce & Professional Services

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If you're running a company spending over $3K a month in ad spend, we want to talk with you! Our proven marketing strategies will bring you a positive return on investment.

Here's What Makes Us Different

Every dollar counts so before we launch any campaign, we run a feasibility test to see if your investment will bring you a positive return

ROI Driven

We're offering a money-back guarantee. Get a positive return on investment or we refund you the cost of our management

Money Back Guarantee

That's right, no lock-in contracts. All our plans are month-to-month giving you much-needed flexibility

No Lock-In Contracts

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Affordable Digital Marketing Services for Trades, eCommerce & Professional Services


Welcome to Quirk Digital, an advertising agency that's born to stand out (hence why we're called Quirk!) 

We work with all types of businesses and budgets ranging from small businesses to startups to large companies. As digital marketing specialists, we manage paid ad campaigns that are custom built to your business. 

Take the first step and book a free discovery call today!

Jacob Tsang | Managing Director

Since starting with Quirk Digital, we're making a 4x ROI!

Tyson B.

Quirk Digital Client

Our Guarantee

Positive Return Or Money Back

We're that confident about our strategies that we're willing to offer a money-back guarantee if we can't generate you a positive ROI. 


"Quirk Digital is one of the most efficient and effective Marketing Teams you could employ to look after all online marketing solutions. Rest assured they will increase your revenue, engage with your consumers meaningfully. Their tailored approach means a healthy return on investment, with a long-term approach, making it a sustainable method of marketing and management of Social Media Marketing and Google Ads."

Facebook Ads

​Facebook’s ad targeting options are unparalleled. Find & reach new customers plus show retargeting ads to target users who have interacted with your page, or visited your website.

Google Search Ads

​SEO stands for “search engine optimisation.”It's the process of improving your site to increase its visibility for branded & non-branded relevant searches.

Google SEO

​Search campaigns allow you to place ads across Google's vast network of search results. You can show ads to people actively searching online for your products and services.

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